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Learn more about retail store supplies and shelving accessories, including pegboard hooks and end cap shelving, for our store fixtures by clicking on any of the products listed below. Or, find inspiration for putting these accessories to use by reading our retail store shelving articles.

  • Slatwall Panels

    Slatwall Panels

    Slatwall panels are compatible with hooks, baskets and shelf brackets to display products in a variety of shapes and sizes.

    • All displays come in 4' x 8' panels
    • Slatwall panels can be cut to specific sizes
    • Transforms ordinary walls into a completely new and dynamic merchandising area
    • Can be used with a wide variety of retail supplies such as, slatwall hooks, universal baskets, and shelf brackets
    • Aluminum inserts available for extra strength
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  • Perforated Board Hooks

    Perforated Board Hooks

    Use pegboard hooks in your perforated boards for hanging merchandise.

    • Pegboard hooks are excellent for a large variety of merchandise
    • Smooth Poly-zinc finish
    • Fits into 1/4" perforated board
    • Rounded tip prevents snags and scratches
    • Available in quantities of 50 and 100
    • Available sizes include: 2",4",6",8",10" and 12"
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  • Slatwall Hooks

    Slatwall Hooks

    Slatwall hooks slide right into slatwall panels to hold your hanging products.

    • Excellent for a large variety of merchandise
    • Smooth Poly-zinc finish
    • Fits into slatwall panels
    • Rounded tip prevents snags and scratches
    • Available in quantities of 50 and 100
    • Available sizes include: 1",4",6",8",10" and 12"
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  • Universal Baskets

    Universal Baskets

    Universal baskets are ideal for displaying unique and awkwardly shaped merchandise. They conveniently fit right into slatwall displays.

    • Sloped Front Basket - 12 x 12 x 8 (picture 4)
    • Shallow Basket - 24 x 12 x 4 (picture 3)
    • Deep Basket - 12 x 12 x 8 (picture 2)
    • Narrow Basket - 12 x 6 x 6 (picture 1)
    • Small Basket - 12 x 12 x 4 (not shown)
    • Baskets perfectly fit into both Slatwall panels and Perforated Board
    • Available in black or white color finish
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  • End Cap Displays

    End Cap Displays

    End cap store displays are a great way to maximize your retail space. Attach them to your already existing Handy shelves and immediately add more space for your merchandise. Utilize them as retail holiday displays or promotional displays to really showcase certain items. Features include:

    • Attaches to any existing Handy Store Fixtures shelf
    • Adds additional merchandise space on Handy end units
    • Ideal for displaying small impulse items
    • Includes (20) 4" hooks
    • 48" high x 15" wide 
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  • Tote Basket Kit

    Tote Basket Kit

    • 12 polyethylene baskets
    • Zinc-plated stand
    • Permanent plastic sign
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  • Double Slotted Uprights

    Double Slotted Uprights

    Transform any wall in your store into a merchandise display with slotted uprights. These retail shelving store fixtures accept all Handy shelves and brackets to make adding more shelf space easy.

    • Available in 6 different sizes
    • Attaches with screws - on center
    • 1 1/4" deep heavy duty steel construction
    • Accepts all Handy shelves and brackets
    • Turns any wall into a merchandising display
    • Mounts to wall with horizontal furring strips, can be flush mounted before sheet rock, paneling, etc.
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  • Wooden Display Shelves

    Wooden Display Shelves

    For a durable and unique display option, try wooden shelves.

    • Use with shelf brackets
    • Wooden display shelves can be used on Slatwall Panels, Gondolas, Wall Units, and End Units
    • Durable and practical way of displaying merchandise
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  • Open End Baskets

    Open End Baskets

    Keep merchandise organized and easily visible with open end baskets. These gondola accessories are great for oddly shaped or individually packaged products. Features of these retail product displays include:

    • Divide and organize easily
    • Get perfect product visibility
    • Use on wooden or metal shelves, flat surface
    • Dividers can be used as ends for basket or as dividers (dividers sold separately)
    • Attach to uprights with open end basket clips or with open end basket frames
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