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Wood store counters and wine display racks are both attractive and functional. They look great and come in a wide variety of finishes to match your store’s current décor. When you buy from Handy, we will work with you to come up with a customized solution that meets your needs. All of our wood convenience store counters can help you create maximum merchandising power in any amount of space. Browse our selection of wood gondola shelving to find the shelving solution that meets your needs today. Handy Store Fixtures responds to customer demands to create woodworking solutions that are attractive and effective from design to development through production and installation.

Learn more about our custom display shelving and wood store counters by clicking on any of the products listed below. Or, check out our articles on store design and find some inspiration.

  • Gondola Checkout

    Gondola Checkout

    A gondola checkout provides additional merchandise display options at your checkout station.

    • The gondola shelving checkout display counter is popular for those stores who prefer to have shelves on both sides of their store counters
    • Create maximum merchandising area at your store's checkout
    • Increase impulse sales
    • Can be incorporated into any checkout counter system
    • Available in a variety of sizes
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  • Fast Food Display Counter

    Fast Food Display Counter

    Customize this food display counter to be whatever your store needs. Versatile convenience store counters can adapt to whatever station works best. Also ideal for gas station food and drink counters.

    • Ivory mica doors, sides and front
    • Minimum 22" base shelf required on fixtures
    • Unit sits on Handy Base Shelf
    • Basic unit comes in 4ft or 6ft lengths
    • Optional free standing unit w/black kick, waste disposal flap, adjustable cup dispenser, napkin holder
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  • Retail Store Sales Counters

    Retail Store Sales Counters

    Get your store counters custom made with finishes that match your store's décor.

    • Retail store counters can be used individually or in combination to make L-Counters, U-Counters
    • Counter Height- 36" or 42"
    • Counter depths- 24"W or 30"W
    • Standard sales counters include adjustable shelves and 1 locking drawer
    • Additional shelves and drawer available on special order
    • Built to last/simple and attractive design
    • Counter top and sides finished in mica
    • Special and custom colors available
    • All sales counters must be crated (crating ordered separately)

    Store counters and other retail displays play a major part in the success of your store. Learn more.

    Not finding the type of store sales counters, store fixtures, and/or checkouts in the style that fits your retail store design? Call Handy Store Fixtures to discuss a custom order today at 1-800-631-4280. Or, contact us online.

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  • Extravision Display Case

    Extravision Display Case

    Provide an easy view of protected merchandise inside a clear glass case.

    • All glass case
    • 2 levels of glass shelves included w/all necessary hardware
    • Mirror back/rear lock
    • All showcases must be crated(crating ordered separately)
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  • Wooden Showcase Retail Display Cabinets

    Wooden Showcase Retail Display Cabinets

    Wooden display cases are a stylish and safe way to showcase merchandise.

    • Display cabinets have 32"H glass front
    • Rear sliding doors with security lock
    • Retail display cabinets feature 2 glass shelves
    • 8" and 10" deep complete with all necessary hardware
    • Fluorescent fixture (w/o bulb) ready to be wired to power supply
    • 4"H Kick
    • Various styles available
    • All wooden showcases must be crated (crating ordered separately)
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  • Wall Display Cases

    Wall Display Cases

    To keep hanging items safe, utilize retail wall shelving with lockable sliding doors.

    • All glass wall display cases
    • Front glass sliding doors w/lock
    • 4 levels of glass shelves included with all necessary hardware
    • Mirror back
    • All showcases must be crated (crating ordered separately)
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  • Canopy Retail Lighting

    Canopy Retail Lighting

    Highlight merchandise with canopy retail lighting.

    • Organize your department with canopy store lighting
    • 3 types of mounting brackets
    • Canopy lighting highlights special merchandise
    • Use recessed retail lighting creatively
    • Great for headings, merchandising symbols, etc.
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  • Display Platforms

    Display Platforms

    Platform store displays are ideal for showcasing heavy and bulky merchandise. Use these retail product displays for paint cans, bulk items and more.

    • Platforms can display a variety of bulky products
    • Great for seasonal merchandise
    • All platforms are made of wood
    • All displays have a 4 3/4"H kicks
    • Choose from a variety of different styles, square, rectangular or round
    • Platforms come in a variety of finishes from painted, carpeted or laminated
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  • Bulk Wine Racks

    Bulk Wine Racks

    Bulk wine racks help display and organize bottles. These wood retail wine displays allow you to showcase multiple bottles of wine in an eye-catching presentation.

    • Simple design maximizes merchandise space
    • Perfect for displaying wine bottles against the wall
    • Excellent storage capacity
    • Can accommodate a wide variety of bottle sizes
    • Available in a wide variety of melamine colors
    • Dimensions: 84" H x 29 3/4" L x 14" D
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  • Merlot Wine Display Racks

    Merlot Wine Display Racks

    Merlot wine racks are free standing and can accommodate bottles of various sizes.

    • Perfect as either a free standing display or as an end cap finishing a row of gondola
    • Wine racks can accommodate a wide variety of bottle sizes
    • Front lip on both upper and middle shelf allows bottles to be easily displayed
    • Available in any melamine color
    • Dimensions: 49 3/4" H x 41 3/4" L x 14" D
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  • Cabernet Wine Display Racks

    Cabernet Wine Display Racks

    Try using a cabernet wine rack as an end cap display.

    • Perfect as either a free standing display or as an end cap against a row of gondola
    • Wine display racks can accommodate a wide variety of bottle sizes
    • 8 bottle display on top secures bottle from top and bottom
    • Available in a wide variety of melamine colors
    • Dimensions: 44 1/2" H x 49 3/4" L x 14" D
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