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When you own a Pharmacy, you understand the importance of having an organized system. Pharmacies are notorious for carrying a wide variety of products, and without a clearly defined display structure, it's impossible to find what you need. Handy pharmacy fixtures can help keep your store organized and your customers happy. We carry a variety of pharmacy shelving options, including RX counter tops, bottle storage units, and a variety of other end panels, under-the-counter units and security units.

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  • Rx Bay Units

    Rx Bay Units

    Keep prescriptions organized with pharmacy fixtures like RX bay units.

    • Rx Bay units are a simple solution to the pharmacist's storage problems
    • The units are light, easily assembled and though moderately priced, are strong enough to meet all pharmaceutical storage needs
    • All steel bays and shelves come in a tough color coated white finish and include a 6"H kick
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  • Rx Bay End Panel Pharmacy Shelving

    Rx Bay End Panel Pharmacy Shelving

    Keep shelving streamlined with end panels.

    • White melamine panels add a sleek and uniform look to your pharmacy cabinets. Pharmacy fixtures should display prescriptions clearly and orderly to allow pharmacists to perform to the best of their abilities.
    • Melamine or vinyl end panels are suggested to give a look of distinction to the Rx bay storage units.
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  • Rx Under the Counter Pharmacy Storage Units

    Rx Under the Counter Pharmacy Storage Units

    Take advantage of every available space with under the counter pharmacy cabinets.

    • The below handsomely crafted pharmacy store fixtures are built with attention to detail throughout
    • All interior and front surfaces are covered with white melamine.
    • All sides are unfinished.
    • Pharmacy shelving units are modular and measure 24"W x 24" deep x 37"H (including 4"H kick)
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  • Rx Shelf Unit

    Rx Shelf Unit

    Rx shelf units provide additional space for storage. This shelving solution is the perfect pharmacy fixture to keep your space neat, tidy and organized.

    • 3 adjustable shelves
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  • Security Unit Retail Case

    Security Unit Retail Case

    Keep items safely locked away in a security case.

    • Convenient top drawer
    • Locking bottom door
    • 1 adjustable bottom shelf
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  • Bottle Storage Unit

    Bottle Storage Unit

    Bottle storage pharmacy fixtures neatly organize and display prescription bottles.

    • 8 drawer dividers, adjust every 1/4"
    • 2 slanting self-feeding pullout drawers make restocking easy
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  • Pharmacy Sink Unit

    Pharmacy Sink Unit

    Pharmacy sink units fit in seamlessly with your existing pharmacy fixtures. A white melamine finish covers the storage and plumbing areas for a clean, streamlined appearance.

    • Access door to storage and plumbing
    • Fascia conceals sink
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  • Drawer Unit

    Drawer Unit

    Drawer units keep pharmacy items stowed safely away.

    • Recessed brushed aluminum pulls
    • 4 equal drawers
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  • Waste Bin

    Waste Bin

    Quickly and easily dispose of trash in a waste bin.

    • 6 1/2" deep opening for convenient waste disposal
    • Access door for removal of waste

    Commercial waste bins can be used in any setting.

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  • Rx Counter Top

    Rx Counter Top

    • Counter top with 4" backsplash
    • Counter tops come in 24 3/4" or 30" deep
    • Goes over the top of the Rx under the counter units to make a complete Rx counter complex
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  • Pharmacy Shelving End Panel

    Pharmacy Shelving End Panel

    Keep the end of shelving units streamlined with an end panel. These pharmacy cabinets feature:

    • Pharmacy storage end panels have white melamine on both sides
    • Edge coordinated with counter units
    • Large enough to finish both a pharmacy store fixtures run, and run of Rx Counters
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