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If you’re in the market for wholesale gondola shelves or accessories, there’s nowhere better to buy than Handy Store Fixtures. We understand how important it is to have adaptable and durable retail store shelving, and we provide our customers with the exact items they need. You can choose from a variety of wholesale products.

See how you can display more merchandise in your store with gondola accessories.

  • Chrome Wire Fencing & Dividers

    Chrome Wire Fencing & Dividers

    • Attractive and flexible fencing and dividers allows you to subdivide any shelf into a variety of sizes
    • Tension type, self-standing is constructed of high grade chromed steel with welded clips for a secure fit on perforated shelves
    • Dividers are also tension type and can be placed anywhere along the fencing
    • Both dividers and fencing are available in 3" and 5" heights
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  • Painted Wire Shelving Dividers

    Painted Wire Shelving Dividers

    Don't let your customers pass up the small items in your store. Use our painted wire shelving dividers to store small snack or craft items. Features include:

    • Easy and effective way of selling small items
    • Adjustable every 1/2"
    • Attaches with nylon buttons
    • Dividers and fencing available in 3" height
    • Allow you to subdivide any shelf into a variety of sizes
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  • Steel Front Lips

    Steel Front Lips

    The right gondola accessories can really help improve your store displays. These steel front lips are ideal for showcasing candy and snacks, and feature a 45 degree angle that provides optimal product visibility.

    • Made from the same heavy duty steel as standard gondola shelving
    • Allow shelves to display merchandise positioned on a 45 degree angle allowing excellent product visibility
    • Attaches easily to perforations on shelves using both nuts and bolts, or plastic nylon buttons
    • 1" in height, and come in lengths of 24",30",36",42", and 48"
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  • Perforated Plate

    Perforated Plate

    • Handy Store Fixtures Perforated Plate is made from all steel construction
    • Tie into the Uprights of Gondola fixtures
    • Perfect for creating tie-in sales with merchandise
    • Available in 3' and 4' lengths
    • Choose from 2", 6", or 12" depths
    • Accepts all 1/4" perforated hooks
    • Available in all Handy Store Fixture colors
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  • Perforated Extender

    Perforated Extender

    • Fantastic accessory item on Gondolas, Wall Units, and End Units
    • Stimulates step-up sales on a wide variety of products
    • Can be used either high or low to highlight merchandise
    • All steel construction with 1/4 perforated board
    • Available in either 36" or 48" lengths
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  • Shelf Replacement Decks

    Shelf Replacement Decks

    • Slides right over your existing metal shelves. No preparation required
    • Quickest way to cover any dirt, dents, scratches, rust, or labels
    • Restores your store shelving into factory brand new in minutes
    • Adapts to any manufacture's brand metal shelving
    • Durable steel construction with scratch and wear resistant acrylic powder finish
    • Great for seasonal displays
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  • Candy Riser

    Candy Riser

    • Increase merchandising space
    • Merchandise product on both sides of a shelving unit
    • Work on all different manufactured brand store fixtures. A disk or nut & bolt are used for securing.
    • Space between Gondola Top Cap and Candy Riser measures 8.5"br />
    • Perforated Hooks are easily added. Please contact you Handy Store Fixtures Sales Rep. for pricing and sizing peg hook options
    • Available sizes are, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48” in length and are available in any Handy Store Fixtures steel color
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  • Open End Baskets

    Open End Baskets

    Open end baskets are ideal for holding oddly shaped merchandise and provide a clear view of products.

    • Divide and organize easily
    • Get perfect product visibility
    • Use on a wooden or metal basket shelf, flat surface
    • Can be used as ends for basket or as dividers (dividers sold separately)
    • Store displays attach to uprights with clips or frames
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  • Open End Basket Frame

    Open End Basket Frame

    Used with other shelving units, open end basket frames are the perfect way to display heavy, awkward items such as wine bottles. Features include:

    • Used in conjunction with open end baskets (baskets sold separately)
    • Can be used for heavy duty items
    • 2 positions - horizontal or down sloped
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  • Shelf Frames

    Shelf Frames

    Improve your retail displays with affordable shelf frames. A staple in any store, our store shelf frames serve a wide range of purposes in your store. Features include:

    • oHandy offers two types: A "welded solid" and a "K.D." that disassembles for easy storage
    • Both accept a variety of different shelves
    • The spanner bars are pre-drilled allowing you to screw wood shelves to the frames or fill with rubber grommets (included with frames) for use with glass shelves
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  • Retail Display Security Cabinet

    Retail Display Security Cabinet

    A steel locked retail display cabinet is a professional way to display your expensive merchandise. They make a practical choice for electronics, appliances and more. Learn more:

    • Great for tools, phones and small appliances
    • Available in 3 ft or 4 ft lengths
    • 24, 30, 36, 42, 48" heights available
    • Choose shelf or base type cases
    • Accepts shelves inside
    • All steel display cabinets shipped knocked down
    • Shelf type includes metal top and bottom shelf, aluminum frame, 2 metal side panels and 2 glass doors with track and lock
    • Base type includes 1 metal top shelf, aluminum frame, 2 metal side panels and 2 glass doors with track and lock
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  • Wire Base Retail Security Case

    Wire Base Retail Security Case

    Keep valuables safe with a wire retail case. Conveniently display merchandise on top while storing away expensive products below.

    • Accepts shelves inside
    • Shipped knocked down
    • Lock and store stock below
    • Display merchandise on top
    • Used for security items, phones, power tools, etc.
    • Unit includes 1 metal top shelf, aluminum frame, 2 metal side panels, 2 locking wire grid doors
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  • Sliding Door Cabinet

    Sliding Door Cabinet

    Give your retail displays a clean look with sliding door cabinets. Display only what you need and hide the rest of your stock behind an easy-to-access sliding door. Check out the details:

    • Designed for gondola and wall units with 16" and 22" base shelves
    • 1/4" wood sliding door cabinets with finger pulls
    • Store stock below
    • Locks available at extra charge
    • Each unit includes 2 metal sides, 1 metal top and frame
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  • Mica Security Case

    Mica Security Case

    Feel safe displaying your expensive merchandise with the use of this Mica security display case. Specifically designed to showcase and protect your pricier merchandise, these are a great addition to any retail display. Learn more:

    • Plastic laminate exterior
    • Available with or without lights
    • 14" deep case has (3) 10" deep glass shelves
    • 18" deep case has (3) 12" deep glass shelves
    • Can sit on a shelf or base shelf
    • Cases must be crated (crating ordered separately)
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  • Half Y Shelf Extenders

    Half "Y" Shelf Extenders

    • Holds copper and pvc pipes, tail pipes, shower rods, used as a broom and mop holder, etc.
    • Can be used singly or in a run
    • Installs as easily as any shelf
    • Made of solid, welded steel construction
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  • Full Y Extender

    Full "Y" Extender

    Maximize your display space with full "Y" extenders for your store fixtures. These gondola accessories are designed to hold long, awkward items such as PVC piping. Learn more:

    • 2 sided store displays
    • Easy installation
    • Fits over gondola (60" minimum height)
    • Solid welded steel construction
    • No loss of merchandise space below
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  • Aisle Marker

    Aisle Marker

    • Screws in easily into the top cap screw
    • Identifies merchandise locations on gondola shelving
    • Includes 8 "S" hooks and 4 acrylic aisle plates for labeling merchandise
    • Merchandise labels NOT INCLUDED
    • Triangle top included for marker visibility
    • 28" height; 24" width
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