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These warehouse shelving units are exactly what you need to create the "Warehouse Look" for your business. Choosing the right heavy duty shelving for your selling area or backroom is a simple and practical way to reap the profits of this popular merchandising theme. All our warehouse shelving systems are designed to enhance your merchandising and maximize your storage capacity.

Browse through our available options and choose what best meets the needs of your business. Or, read through some tips and ideas for using these shelving systems.

  • Wide Span Shelving

    Wide Span Shelving

    When you're trying to diversify your retail displays, choose wide span shelving. It’s perfect for storing a large amount of merchandise. Learn more about the details:

    • A creative concept in space planning
    • Maximizes your ability to allocate display and storage areas cost effectively.
    • Enhances your merchandising and store display environment
    • This sturdy, cost effective system is designed to give multiple levels of display
    • The unit is perfect for the warehouse shelving or "bargain" look, bulk items, plants, television, aquariums, etc.
    • Each section is modular.
    • The frames are constructed from steel for long lasting strength and decks are available in grid or wood in either a raw or melamine finish
    • Completely welded and bolted together prior to shipping for rigidity
    • The posts utilize an unique locking cap that doubles as a beam lock for stability
    • Also the interlocking beam and frame system has no nuts and bolts which makes assembly quick and easy
    • This system is available in Handy standard colors and custom colors
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  • Space Plus Conversion

    Space Plus Conversion

    Up your storage space with the use of warehouse storage solutions. This affordable warehouse shelving is versatile and can display anything from wine to paint cans. Check out the features:

    • Get the "Warehouse Look" without spending a lot of money
    • Get today's popular "Warehouse Look" without the need to throw out your existing Handy gondolas and wall units and without the heavy expense of new wide frames or pallet rack units.
    • There’s no need to change your existing store layout
    • Inexpensive conversation kit that modifies the store fixtures you already have and brings them up to date
    • More than a face lift, the post and beam sections are strong enough to hold your heavy stock and bulk merchandise loads
    • They are also very easy to install (no need to disassemble existing retail displays)
    • The flexibility to mix standard gondola shelving with Space Plus Beams is another feature not to be overlooked
    • All in all, the most practical way to reap the profits of "Warehouse" merchandising theme
    • SPACE PLUS has no equal
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  • Space Invader - Warehouse Storage Shelving

    Space Invader - Warehouse Storage Shelving

    • 50 years of leadership and innovation went into the development of the Space Invader Unit
    • Flexible, strong and built to last, this unit will take care of all your light to medium warehouse storage solutions
    • With a wide variety of options and sizes to choose from, order only what you need and create a customized storage facility designed around your specific store or warehouse shelving needs
    • Built to be tough, durable and easy to work with
    • The base is 5/8" thick commercial grade plywood
    • Heavy duty steel reinforcing channels run the full width of each shelf (front and back)
    • Using an inverted clip system, no nuts or bolts are required for installation
    • Load capacity is 350 lbs per shelf (evenly distributed)
    • Side panels accept shelves on both sides - allows expansion of storage unit in either direction
    • Flexible, durable warehouse shelving system
    • Sides are factory pre-assembled
    • Steel edge plywood shelves drop in slots on
    • 1 1/2 inch centers
    • Shelving units are also available with metal shelves
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