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Our strong and durable heavy duty shelves are designed to last for years. We bring fifty years of experience and innovation to the table, and we guarantee that you can count on a full selection of shelving solutions designed to display a wide range of products in ways that fit every facet of your merchandising needs. If you're not sure which of our metal shelves will best meet your needs, or if you would like an on-site installation, learn more about our store planning and installation solutions today.

If your store shelving needs a little pick-me-up, check out these ideas for improving your displays. Get helpful information about our heavy duty shelves and metal shelving by clicking on any of the products listed below.

  • Standard Shelves

    Standard Shelves

    This standard store shelving is a necessity for any retail store. Display a wide range of products for an easy shopping experience.

    • Built in 1 1/4" price tag molding
    • Shelf brackets are welded to shelf
    • 2 positions-horizontal and 18 degree down slope
    • Perforated to accept shelf dividers on 1/2" centers
    • Standard shelves slide straight- in and straight-out without disturbing adjacent shelves
    • All shelves are reinforced with welded support channels
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  • Heavy Duty Shelves

    Heavy Duty Shelves

    Searching for store shelving for heavy merchandise? We make it easy to find the heavy duty store shelves you need for printers, paint cans, bottles and more. Features include:

    • Built in 1 1/4" price tag molding
    • Shelf brackets are welded to shelf
    • Perforated to accept shelf dividers on 1/2" centers
    • Designed for heavy merchandise
    • All shelves are reinforced with welded support channels
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  • Tiered Magazine Display Rack

    Tiered Magazine Display Rack

    When it comes to displaying magazines, you need specific shelving. Our tiered magazine racks make it easy for your customers to see the covers and find their favorites. Learn more:

    • Displays magazines, periodicals and newspapers on all wall and gondola shelving units
    • Modern streamlined look with plenty of product visibility
    • Rugged, all steel construction
    • For maximum display space use a 2 tier (top) and 3 tier (bottom) combination
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  • Wire Bakery Shelves

    Wire Bakery Shelves

    Bakery racks are offered in different sizes to suit your space. Get the details below:

    • All shelves are 2 position - horizontal and 18 degree down slope
    • 2 1/2" front lip on each shelf
    • Perfect for displaying bakery goods
    • Great for displaying bags of chips along with a variety of dip
    • Replace existing shelves without disturbing entire gondola display
    • Arm brackets are welded to the shelves
    • Available lengths: 36" and 48"
    • Available Depths: 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", and 22"
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  • Wood Retail Shelving

    Wood Retail Shelving

    • Used with shelf frames
    • Durable and practical way of displaying merchandise

    Please call 1-800-631-4280 to speak with a Handy Store Fixtures salesman for more details.

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  • Cigarette Display Rack

    Cigarette Display Rack

    Save space and effectively display your merchandise with a cigarette display rack from Handy Store Fixtures. Check out some of the features:

    • Ideal for displaying cigarette cartons and packs on convenience store shelves
    • Sits on a standard shelf, attaches to shelf with nylon buttons
    • Comes in 14" depth by 2ft or 3ft lengths
    • Features acrylic pushers that automatically bring down cigarette packs
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  • Candy Shelves with Front Lip & Ticket Molding

    Candy Shelves with Front Lip & Ticket Molding

    • Built in Front Lip and Ticket Molding
    • Candy Shelves allow the maximum amount of shelving to be displayed on any Handy Store Fixtures gondola shelving unit
    • Perfect display solution for boxed candy and gum
    • Allows candy to be displayed on a down slope position maximizing product visibility with the ability to insert price tags or color shelf inserts
    • Available depth's include 6", 8", 10" 12", and 14"
    • Available length's are 24", 30", 36", 42", and 48"
    • Available in any Handy Store Fixture color
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  • Retail Glass Shelves

    Retail Glass Shelves

    When used with our shelf frames, retail glass shelves can add a more sophisticated look to your displays. Use them to display sale, new or featured products in your store. Check out the details:

    • Used in conjunction with shelf frames
    • Made of high quality plate glass
    • Attractive look for displaying perfume, health and beauty aids, small gifts
    • Available Lengths: 36" and 48"
    • Available Depths: 8", 10", 12", and 14"
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  • Retail Bin Shelves

    Retail Bin Shelves

    • All product bin shelves are 3 1/2" deep x 8" wide
    • Two special selling features - one is flexibility, the bin dividers can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of items
    • The second is visibility, the 2 position bracket allows for a flat or sloped shelf position
    • By staggering the shelves, all items are visible and accessible
    • The double product bin shelf offers the same features as the single but double the storage capacity
    • The all steel shelves and dividers are study enough to handle plumbing parts, electrical supplies, hardware etc.
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  • Retail Book Shelves

    Retail Book Shelves

    Books can sometimes be a challenge to display. With the right book shelving, you can effectively display your top-selling books, magazines and periodicals for all to see. Learn more:

    • One piece shelf
    • No assembly required
    • Fits any standard Handy upright
    • 12 degree slope
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  • Down Slope Shelves

    Down Slope Shelves

    Some items just need displayed a little differently, and our flexible down slope shelves are the perfect option. They’re ideal for stationery, shoes and other items that need better visibility. Learn more:

    • Can be used in 3 positions
    • Brackets allow total flexibility of merchandising
    • Set at 45 deg, down slope shelves are designed for maximum product visibility
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  • Grid Merchandise Holders

    Grid Merchandise Holders

    Having a hard time displaying some of your merchandise? Grid merchandise holders are the perfect solution to those hard-to-store items. Perfect for use as retail broom & mop displays or for other tall, awkward items. Learn more:

    • Perfect for mops, brooms, pipes, pool cues, and golf clubs
    • Wire grid 3/16" dia.
    • Wire front 3/8" dia.
    • Heavy duty brackets
    • Choose from 1 1/2" standard openings or 3 1/2" large openings
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  • Carpeted Retail Shelving

    Carpeted Retail Shelving

    • Carpet shelves are perfect for many sporting good items.
    • Safe, attractive, non-skid surface
    • Ideal for small appliances, stereos, DVDs
    • Create a rich and luxurious look to your merchandise
    • Special colors on carpets available upon request
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  • Flush Top Store Shelves

    Flush Top Store Shelves

    When it comes to metal retail product displays for your store, you want to know your investment will last. Our flush top store shelving is sturdy and can store a wide range of merchandise. Check out some of the details:

    • Designed to go in flush with the top of uprights
    • Back to back metal shelving creates large storage space on gondolas
    • Perfect support for cash register, lottery machines
    • All shelves are down-arm and 2 position-horizontal and 18-degree down slope
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